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Well I’ve finally done what I’ve been saying I’d do for quite some time now, forked the Anthem.NET project on sourceforge that has gone pretty stale. I’ve started a new codeplex project for the fork with which my immediate aims are to:

  • Clean up the codebase
  • Incorperate some community and personal bugfixes
  • Drop support for .NET 1.1
  • Make a beta code release

I’ve already released what I have as a 1.5.2 alpha release so that people just looking for the project can get started easily.

Longer term I’m looking to:

  • Refactor the JS code so that it works as a jQuery plugin. Will give greater browser compatibility as well as reducing the size of anthem + jQuery overall (as anthem can use jQuery’s AJAX functionality). This will also make the code much more maintainable.
  • Add much more stringent documentation and unit tests.
  • Incorperate some new controls that have common uses.
  • Find ways to allow easy use of jQuery effects with anthem callbacks

Please let me know what you think. I could do with all the help I can! :)