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Monthly Archives: March 2009


I’m trying to come up with a standard and reliable way to trigger a core dump from within the logging/exception handling of a C# executable. The above article indicates that this should be possible, but it sounds as if making this work across platforms would be a fairly large nightmare.

If anyone has done anything similar to this, I’d be interested to see how you went about it, and if possible maybe we could share/release some code to make this easier.

Genius at Work

Here’s a Channel 9 interview with Anders Hejlsberg, the creator and head designer of C# as a language (as well as Delphi back in the day).

Interesting in that it examines some of the improvements in C# 4.0, as well as features that are being bandied around for even further out.

Also contains the best description of contra-variance and co-variance that I’ve seen so far.