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AnthemNxt HttpModule and other fun and games

I’ve spent most of today doing some more work on AnthemNxt to continue simplifying the code base and making the framework even more fool proof to work with.

  1. Separated out the single project into AnthemNxt.Core and AnthemNxt.Controls. For now development will concentrate on Core and further simplifying that. Any patches for Controls will be happily received however as I know many people have their own Anthem controls kicking about.
  2. Created a dedicated AnthemNxt.Tests web application project which I’ll repopulate with the old Anthem tests at some point, but for now I am using as the basis of my tests for a HttpModule that will simplify Anthem error handling.
  3. Separated script management out of AnthemNxt.Core.Manager into AnthemNxt.Core.ScriptManager with the intention of eventually allowing the use of this ScriptManager in place of the built in ASP.NET one no matter if you are in a callback or not.
  4. Created AnthemSection (configuration section handler for web.config) from where the old settings are now read and where any new settings will be placed.
  5. Created AnthemModule (which is now required to be included in web.config and will be reported as missing if so) which will be used to pave over the slightly manual way in which Anthem used to handle reporting errors back to the browser. The intention is that Application_Error will work identically as it does for postbacks to give you the chance to log information etc, yet redirects to error pages etc from within there will still be honoured using the callback scheme.

I’ve also added two controls of my own:

  • AdvancedValidationSummary (encompasses all the functionality of ValidationSummary but also allows you to place a control that will catch errors for all validation groups that do not have their own summary control)
  • CustomValidator (allows code behind to simply set some text to indicate an error, ideal for logic errors where simple validators are not complex enough).Enough for tonight! Code is committed and builds correctly. :)
  • 2 comments for “AnthemNxt HttpModule and other fun and games

    1. Benito Lopez
      June 29, 2009 at 12:42 am

      Have you seen They have already a product generated from the original anthem.

    2. Anand
      September 27, 2010 at 12:22 pm

      Anthem.nxt shows issues when we create a form with anthem fileupload control and one or more anthem multline textboxes and a save button ,try to save the record or do post back or call backs,the script of the page showing in multiline text box.
      Pls solve it as soon as possible thanks in advance……

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