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ASP.NET MVC vs. Ruby on Rails

Quite an interesting article on this, if extremely biased towards RoR.

A few salient points:

  • RoR is entirely command line based, ASP MVC is obviously more tied to Visual Studio (although I would debate that as you could do everything by command line, ms build and notepad)
  • Very similar in all basic respects.
  • No analysis of more important and “edgy” factors such as model binding (ASP MVC is very good at this) and validation frameworks.
  • I’m still jealous in some respects of RoR DB migrations – I wonder if there is a .NET based port of this going anywhere? I should lend a hand if so.
  • Routing is a tie, both good.
  • Pretty much parity beyond that (at least as far as the article is concerned).

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